North Point
North Point


The North Point has two massive gates that lead in and out of the city, known as the Shadow Gate (western gate) and White Gate (northern gate). It is also where the Anvilfire Inn is located, which is where adventurers of new and old normally gather for business or pleasure! As mentioned previously, although the main RP takes place in the Anvilfire Inn, players are, by no means, restricted to just that district. The North Point is the oldest section of the city as it is the closest to the Commonlands; where the city's farming lands are located. North Point was built upon and expanded outwardly until it had reached it current size.


North Point is the quickest and easiest way to enter into the city. It is usually the first stop for travelers to come to and rest up before either venturing further into the city or moving on again. North Point has a little bit of everything in it, making it highly appealing as a one stop shop for a great deal of the merchants and farmers. There are quite a few homes in this area, but they are usually attached to the businesses that being run in the area. North Point has older, but still well kept and tended buildings when compared to the rest of the city. They are also well spaced out to allow for stalls to pop up without crowding the streets. As with the entire city there are the Arcanium powered street lights that keep the nights bright.

The River Lyne flows in from The Commonlands through North Point to circle around the Midland and south out of the city and through the Industrial District.

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