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What is an Organization?

Think of a faction as a guild or an organization. There are plenty of them and they all have their own unique creeds by which they live. Some factions are known as "underground" factions, which means they are usually involved in shady activities or are down-right criminals in the eyes of the law. Some factions are restricted by alignment and/or class, and others have prerequisites on more personal levels. Factions are sometimes entire families, but will refer to themselves as an organization, association, or outright family.

How do I join an Organization?

Each faction is different in how it attracts its members. It is typically ideal to communicate with the one in charge of the 'hiring and firing' so-to-speak. This tends to be the faction's captain or second-in-command since its leader is busy communicating with other faction leaders or organizing activities to provide their faction with direction that will further the faction's reputation.

Do I have to join an Organization? What are the incentives?

Joining a faction is not required as part of the game. It is an option intended to give players an opportunity to develop their characters or seek out adventures that might benefit them in the way of rewards and experience.

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