Organization Guide

Under construction, but displayed so people can see the progress

This is a faction guide for those that want to make group organizations within the game; though it follows the semi-freeform rules (as far as most micro transactions go), some form of structure is still required for our records and to make sure things are organized to make sense.

Step 1: The Code

Below is the code for when you make the faction sheet:

[[div style="float:right; width:200px;"]]
||||~ Faction Name||
||||[[image Test.jpg width="200px"]]||
||~ Leader:||-||
||~ Alignment:||-||
||~ Headquarters:||-||
||~ Scope:||-||
||~ Structure:||-||
||~ Level:||1||
||~ Experience:||0||
||~ Coffer:||0||

+ Background: (insert here)

+ Goals: (insert here)

+ Methodology: (insert here)

+ Leadership: (insert here)

+ Members:

[[table style="align:left"]] [[row]] [[cell]]
||~ Name||~ Rank||
||[[[Member Name]]]||Rank||

Step 2: Filling It Out and What It All Means

Leader: The person/persons responsible for founding the guild or is the current guildmaster.

Alignment: Self-explanatory. Make sure the goals of the faction fit the alignment.

Headquarters: The city where their main headquarters is located, including district if in Aria.

Scope: This describes the extent of the faction's reach. Continental refers to Norvallen and Aleris by default, where as regional covers all the areas in the Ezlia. Factions that only want to focus on Aleris just put Aleris here. Global applies to factions that work as far as the Western Kingdoms (not available for beginning factions).

Structure: The type of faction (see Types of Factions below).

Background: Just some history of the faction or an explanation.

Goals: The purpose of the faction. Try to make it to the point if possible.

Methology: The general beliefs and practices by which the faction achieves its goals.

Leadership: Who is in charge and how their ranking system works.

Members: Put in the characters name and rank here. Please make sure this is always the last thing on the sheet so it doesn't flood out all the content.

Types of Factions

Each faction has a certain structure or can be classified as a certain type.

Business (requires approval): Merchant guilds, corporations and other businesses that have more than one location and have a large work force.

Paramilitary: These are factions that are structured like a normal military, but are not officially part of the government's military.

Mercenary: These factions tend to offer their services for some form of payment.

Military Company (not available for new factions): These factions are one step in alignment from the main government's alignment (this may vary) and have been recognized by said government officially.

Loose Affiliation of Ranked Members: Pirates, gangs, and troupes all fall under this category.

Noble House (Not currently available): These are small factions that tend to be connected to the government itself or have some small political say.

Size Limit

To avoid overly massive factions that make no sense at all, there is a size limit for NPCs as follows: NPCs are characters that, as stated, are non-playable and just add to the theme of the faction (more soldiers, more maids, etc.); they are people in the background of your faction that make it breathe with life, but have little to no importance as an actual character.

Business: 200-1,500 non-combatants

Paramilitary: 500

Mercenary: 100

Military Company (not available for new factions): Varies from 500-1,000

Loose affiliation of ranked members: 100

Noble House:(Not currently available) Varies from 100-500 working for the house itself


Each faction has a level to a maximum of 30. Until further notice, all level contributes to a faction is determining how much gold the faction will have in its coffers (see below).


The overall wealth of the faction. Use the Magic Item Limitation chart to determine the gold cap for your faction.

Using the coffers as resources

The coffers may be used for resources such as ships, mounts, hiring NPCs, etc.

The amount of resources you can have is limited by the factions level divided by 2 (such as ships).

The coffers are not intended to "twink out" characters even though it will be allowed for the faction to use the funds for their faction members. We see no reason to write massive rules regarding resources and items; what you are trying to do will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Unless otherwise noted, a player may only receive faction funds and/or assistance once every level, not x amount of times per level in a single use. Use the Trade Rules when it comes to this.

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