Title He who walks in blood
Portfolio Blood, Death, Assassination
Worshipers assassins
Alignment Lawful Evil
Worshiper Alignment LE
Domains Death, Evil, Law, Trickery, War
Subdomains None
Favored Weapon Sawtooth Sabre
Symbol Golden key
Allows creation or rising of undead: No
Favored Animal(s) Praying Mantis
Sacred Colors Red,Black



Orus is the god of assassins, and the patron god of the Invisible hand assassins, Orus takes a middle position between Alessa, the goddess of revenge if not necessarily murder, and Nemyth who is the god of all murder, whether paid for or not.

Orus isn't a true deity, but the first entity created by the gods to carry out their will. There is general disagreement as to who exactly is responsible for Orus's creation, although it was most likely an alliance of several deities. Whatever its true origins may be, Orus was created as an agent for the gods, an enforcer of divine justice, specifically targeting all mortals who hoped to usurp the power of a god and achieve divinity. Not wishing to be become targets of He Who Walks in Blood themselves, however, they made it incapable of killing those who truly were gods, restricting its powers to slay those of demigod status or less.

Orus has thwarted those seeking divinity numerous times throughout recorded history.

Orus does not actively seek followers. It is mentioned rarely in religious text It is occasionally worshiped by some ruthless druids and rangers, who wish to emulate its efficiency in killing.

although the center of the faith is the heavily guarded Library of Jilak , located within the headquarters of the infamous Invisible Hand Assassins whose location its a mystery to non members.



There are few taboos within his faith, Killing a Monarch that is ruling justly is forbidden and mindless bloodshed for the sake of mindless bloodshed are major taboos.

A Priest's Role

Holy Texts


There are no known holidays for Orus

Relations With other gods

Orus has an uneasy relationship with most deities, as they do not approve of his heavy-handed purpose and methods. None dare to oppose him however, at least not openly. What is even stranger, is that none of them have ever admitted ordering him to assassinate someone. Orus seems to instinctively find its targets, although some believe that the orders come from some yet-unknown source

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