Piper Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Fey)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any


Satyrs are an all-male race that normally procreate with other fey, male offspring satyrs and female children conforming to their mothers race. As lusty womanizers however, they are not above dallying with females of other types. Most of these relationships last a few weeks at best, but those with elves occasionally have a much more long-lasting consequences. Satyrs are very affectionate towards their children regardless of the mother, but lacking any sense of time, responsibility, or discipline they make terrible fathers. Their crossbreed offspring are generally raised by their mothers, who sometimes keep them away from the satyr fathers in a effort to provide a stable environment.


Pipers are generally similar in appearance to short elves, with only a few important differences. Most notably, pipers have two small horns growing from their foreheads, and their feet are hooved. Unlike many hooved humanoids, piper’s general leg structure is not changed, appearing elven all the way down to the ankle. The foot itself is a bit leaner and, rather than ending in toes, ends in a delicate, curved, split hoof. Piper’s naturally walk in a tiptoe stance, as if always lifting themselves onto the balls of their feet. Pipers can easily and safely run over rough terrain barefoot, but some prefer to conceal their hooves in specially constructed boots or shoes. Pipers wearing these often claim they are cavalry boots—designed to keep their feet in stirrups—or dancer’s boots). Some pipers are born unhoofed and have normal feet.


Pipers are fond of dance, music, festivals and members of the opposite sex. They are a lusty folk who live and enjoy to the fullest moment of every day. Pipers do not believe in being depressed or moody, and no situation can be improved by such behavior. This constant giddiness can be annoying to those who know pipers well. They are cheerful and boisterous in the face of certain doom. Only the destruction of a work of great beauty such as a masterwork instrument, or the devastation of a serene forest can sadden a piper, who may play a dirge for days if brought low enough.

Pipers are not fools, though they often play the role of jesters. They know evil exists, and are willing to take up arms against tyranny and oppression. Most prefer to improve the world by cheering and encouraging those who are downtrodden, or inspiring greatness in others. There is a point past which pipers cannot stay passive, however, and enough primal fey rage remains within to surprise those who dismiss them as useless romantics. Much like their sorrow, once a pipers anger has been roused it is not set easily set aside.


Pipers left with their fathers become true wild children, running naked through the woods, luring travelers into thickets, and playing midnight concerts with sprites.These wild pipers are often called pucks and are generallty assumed to just be another kind of fey.Dryads, Nymphs, and treants sometimes take in these untamed youths in an effort to quiet them and acclimate them to the mortal world.Failing this means most pucks never set foot in civilization and spend their days at play, consumed with the pursuit of endless happiness.Though this may seem a idyllic life, pucks generaly come to bad ends in all but the most peaceful of woodlands,for they lack the defenses of satyr and are easy prey for the darker things in the wilds.

Pipers reared by their mother are a totally different story, they learn to use the tools to augment their natural talents often becoming master bards, noble rangers or powerful druids.A piper is an endless trial for not just her mother but her entire community.and most don't learn the wisdom to overcome their impulses until decades later.those with strong mothers learn faster, as the sound of their parents voice raised in frustration or indignation cuts through even the most carefree froclicking.

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