Common Races

The native races listed below are humanoids that compose most of the population in world.

Dwarf Elf Eeltari Human
Vada Rai

Beastfolk Races

Beastfolk races can be traced to some form of feral ancestor. Beastfolk are typically shamanistic in nature and can be found virtually anywhere you find natural forests, mountains or deserts.


Half Bloods

When two different races get together and reproduce, an offspring is sometimes produced that takes the dominant traits of both races to make a half-blood child. Unless the race stats otherwise these halfbreeds are half human.

Dhampir Half-Elf Half-Dwarf Half-Orc
Half-Rai Half Lupin Half Woren Half Usakichi

Plane-Touched races

Where the other races have relied upon the method of breeding to attain a classic hybrid race, the plane-touched are the exception to this. Plane-touched are humans that have ancestry to one of the planes such as the fire or earth plane. Their matter of origin is a simple one: they suddenly emerged. They are anomalies in the material plane.

Aasimar Feyborn Geniekin Tiefling


Race Grafts are not available at character creation, and they cannot be requested. The link below is for reference only as race templates are only obtained at the sole discretion of GM Replica. Any request to obtain a race graft at creation or prior to level 20 will be automatically denied.

  • If a player gets to level 20 and the character was one that did not start at level 10 (Was only available during playtest) they are entitled to one graft as a reward.
Race Grafts
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