Regional Traits

Regional Backgrounds are keyed to specific regions, be they large (such as a nation or geographic region) or small (such as a city or a specific mountain). In order to select a regional Backgrounds, your PC must have spent at least a year living in that region. At first level, you can only select one regional Backgrounds (typically the one tied to your character’s place of birth or homeland), despite the number of regions you might wish to write into your character’s background. no need too specific region requirements like the core game just note when you select it what region you are from in the world

Name Related Region
Aberration Hunter Althena, Taizou Expanse
Acupuncturist Any Sha`Zhu Town or village from Amihama
Addict Any Region
Altruistic Diplomat Kyan
Antiquities Smuggler Maj`Dul
Analytical Althena
Artifact Hunter Any region
Bandit Any Human Kingdom
Blood Steed Maj`Dul
Born Rider Maj`Dul
Bounty Hunter Any Human Kingdom
Briar Bandit (Forest) T'Lune
Builders Apprentice Melahverfi
Cavalry Rider Any Western Kingdom
Chivalrous Aleris
Cliff Jumper Aranthi, Melahverfi
Cosmopolitan Calari
Cynic Calari
Cypher Resistance Althena
Dealer Any Region
Diplomat Any
Disbeliever Althena
Diver Any Coastal Town
Dominator Melahverfi
Elemental Pupil Althena
Expert Smuggler Any
Freed Slave Melahverfi
Freed Slave (second version) Althena
Friend of the Fey T'Lune
Grit Goggles Althena, Maj`Dul
Guide of the Streets Any of the Major Named cities
Great Market Merchant Aranthi
Group Fighter Calari
Guerilla Amihama, Calari
Highlander (Hills or Mountains) Northen Aleris, Frostheim
Honeyed Tongue Maj`Dul
Imperial Soldier Amihama, Kyan
Inspiring Speaker Melahverfi.
Local Know-It-All Any
Militia Any Town or Village
Silent Hunter Any forest or jungle region
Sound of Mind Kyan
Talented Blacksmith Amihama
T'lune Defender T'lune
Town Gossip Any community
Vagabond Child (Urban)l Any of the major cities in the game
Trained Medic Any major city
Tribesman Any Caranian Tribe
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