Roleplaying Rules

Roleplaying Rules

1. No Metagaming: Just because you know the person out of character does not mean you know their character. Be respectful, ask if you aren't sure of an in-character detail. Make sure you read a person's storyhooks. It may provide information they don't want you to know about the character.

2. One Lining: We don't expect people to constantly post 2-3 paragraphs, but if the person you're playing with is posting that much, please be respectful and give them more to work with than one sentence. It's common courtesy to give as much as you get. No one here is an elitist, and we will not rag on you for having shorter posts than the person you're playing with. Just make sure your posts have substance to them so the person you're playing with doesn't run out of things to post because they're drained from having to work up an entire scene and only getting one sentence in return. This -can- be mentally draining to players.

A player has the right to ask you to put forth a little more effort or to post a bit more if they feel they aren't getting what they should from you. It takes two people to make a scene, not just one person crafting the entire scene while one person reacts with very little given.

One lining creates a stale and boring gaming environment; the staff can tell you to put a little bit more effort even if they're not in the scene.

Also, be respectful of others. "One line spam rp" can be considered disruptive by others as it forcefully floods the channel, making the screen move non-stop.

3. Multitasking: We understand that some people like to play in multiple rooms at once. However, we ask that you keep one character in one room at a time. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that you don't slow down the RP in those given instances. Timeframes of what people are willing wait can be negotiated in private, but in public rooms please try to keep the delay to 15-20 minutes or less, depending on the current speed of the channel.

4. Turn-taking: When interacting with more than one person, wait for all the people in your interaction to post before you post again. This ensures that no one is lost and everyone currently participating in the room has enough time to reply. This does not apply to separate scenes in the same room.

5. Read the Posts: Skimming posts can lead to missing vital information or misunderstanding actions. If your post ignores key information, you may be asked by players or a gm to repost.

6. Powerplaying: Is not allowed for major actions, ( physically attacking another character, shoving, tripping etc. ). Minor powerplay is allowed ( minor contact between players ) unless stated by another player.

Player's Responsibility

Note: It is a player's responsibility to initiate RP with other players. We expect players to interact with people outside of their immediate friend groups and reach out to others. Please remember that story hooks are there to help you plot, so if you see a character who's hooks would fit with your own, feel free to hit them up.

On this game we allow players to pm others if they want to roleplay. If you receive a pm, please remember that private interactions should still be subject to rules.

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