Game Mechanics Disclaimer

Remember: always ask the dungeon master if something is available or allowed in a homebrew game; do not assume it's here, use our listings for content. If you're in doubt, ask.

Even though we use the open gaming license for some content, and we use Pathfinder Homebrew content, there are a lot of similarities to 3.5E, but it is not 3.5. Here in Xilrin, it is considered an ongoing game, with an ongoing theme, and not different game sessions; so things develop a bit slower and there are a lot of rules that do not follow normal D&D gameplay. SRD references may not be entirely accurate, with other items moderated, for fairness of gameplay. Don't be a Rule Lawyer!!!

General Rules

1. Be Polite:

As with all groups, we expect players to be polite and conduct themselves appropriately. This is an 18+ game, and you’re expected to act and carry yourself as an adult. Potential things that are included in ban-able offences are ;

  • passive aggressive behaviour
  • picking fights with staff and/or players
  • refusing to allow staff to correct mistakes
  • harassing other players
  • trolling
  • discrimination against players of any sort

Please remember that the staff reserve the right to ban you for behaviour not covered here if it is considered to break the general rule of being polite and respectful towards other players or intentionally sabotaging the game. We want this to be fun for everyone, and will take steps to ensure that is the case.

2. Channel Topics : Topics in the game's rooms are subject to change for the purposes of special announcements or events. It is the player's responsibility to read the updated information and inquire with staff should they have any objections or questions to the material presented. Announcements will be made in the discord, please do not mute the announcement channels.

3. Sexual harressment: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Should a player be found sexually harassing other players, whether in PM or in the rooms themselves, they will be banned from the game as to avoid creating an environment that makes other players uncomfortable with playing in. This includes behaviour such as:

  • constantly trying to hook up with their characters in PM or the out of character room.
  • trying to hook up with the person itself.
  • bothering them for real life personal information.
  • nothering them to know their gender if not disclosed via the pronouns role

4. Right to Privacy: Players have a right to keep personal information private. Only head staff may ask for this information upon registration, but this will be kept to a minimum and not shared with anyone outside of staff.

5. Advertising: Advertising of any other games will not be tolerated inside Xilrin. Anyone caught advertising will be warned and asked to stop. If they continue, they could be banned. Advertising games to other players in PM (Otherwise known as 'poaching') is also unacceptable. Any players caught doing so will receive a warning prior to being kicked from the game.

6. Keep in mind that even though anyone is welcome to hang out in our ooc room be on your best behavior. If you are not an active member of this community you are considered a guest, and guests can be kicked/banned from the server without warnings if they break the rules.

Semi- Freeform

There are many translations of what "semi-freeform" can mean on a roleplaying game, so here is our definition:

  • We do not micro manage a lot of the small transactions such as you roleplaying ordering a drink or a meal or staying at a inn or owning a house.
  • We do not micro manage players that decide to make factions gangs, troupes and crews (You do, however, still need to follow the faction creation rules. Ask a GM)
  • You do not need a GM to roleplay, start a scene or play with others.
  • You still, however, need to play races and classes that we have
  • Still confused? simply go to ** and we will help you out!

All Paizo content belongs to Paizo, and we make no claim over official Pathfinder content. This game, also, has alot of third party content that is sponsored by Paizo, and we do not make any claims on such content either. Some content, such as races and locations, have been altered from the Paizo and third party Paizo content for our game. The content used here is for entertainment purposes only and in no way intended for profit or for any other use that may ruin the image of Paizo. We, also, have alot of homebrewed content. It's the players' choice to offer content to be added to our game and/or lore, if approved. In doing so, the content becomes property of the game (ask the staff for details as to why). A copy of their open gaming license can be found here, and Pazio's main website can be found here.

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