Sha Zhu
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Human)
Environment: Amihama
Alignment: Any


Sha`Zhu have some similar physical appearances to Rokugani but they possess duskier skin than Rokugani and usually have dark brown or black hair. the men sport more facial hair and tend to be less petite and more muscular. Its not uncommon to see Sha`Zhu wear the same type of tribal clothing as the Rai. Although most Sha`Zhu have dark hair, children are occasionally born with shock-white or silvery-white hair, which is considered an omen of greatness. Such children frequently become influential leaders and poets of the highest caliber, and families into which they are born receive great honor and frequently an increase in rank and wealth.


The history of the Sha'Zhu is a mystery. It remains undecided whether they were part of a migration from Kyan to Amihama, or maybe they were people that were captured by Ancient Rai tribes, and then they were eventually adopted into Amihama culture. Depiste their human appearance, the Sha'Zhu are extremely loyal to the dragon emperor, Kai Shen and are just as part of the empire as the Rai Themselves.


See Amihama

The following Traits are available for Sha`Zhu

Bureaucracy Navigator (Sha`Zhu): Accustomed to wading through governmental bureaucracy, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks against bureaucrats and on Knowledge (local) checks related to laws and their enforcers.

Keeper of the Ancestral Scrolls (Sha`Zhu): You take pride in recording the genealogy of your family, tracing your heritage on large scrolls dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (history), and Knowledge (nobility) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

Master of the Sudden Strike (Sha`Zhu):You have mastered the deadly fighting arts of your people, and when you wield a masterwork version of any sword, you become one with its blade. If you act before your opponent during the surprise round, you gain a +2 trait bonus on weapon damage rolls for the surprise round only. This additional damage is precision damage.

Need help for weight? use Height and weight chart

Gender Height Weight
Male 4'10 - 5'5 130 -150 lbs.
Female 4'5 - 5'0 95 -110 lbs.
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