Species Conception And Pregnancy

To clarify: Having this chart does not change the rating of this game nor does it promote underage sex or sexual content in the public channels (See Rules); however, some players wish to roleplay their character being pregnant, and at times would like actual information on things such as conception and pregnancy, so this chart is provided as a reference guide rather than have players try to figure it out on their own or possibly create time paradoxes.

Creature Chance of conception Gestation
Aasimar 20% 9 months
Dhampir 20% 9 months
Eeltari 20% 9 months
Elf 5% 9 months
Feyborn 20% 9 months
Geniekin 20% 9 months
Half Elf 20% 9 months
Half Rai 20% 9 months
Human 20% 9 months
Lupin 1 30% 6 months
Rai 20% 9 months
Skinwalker 20% 9 months
Tiefling 20% 9 months
Usakichi 1 30% 6 months
Vada 20% 9 months
Woren 1 30% 6 months

1 This precentage is during a specific period of heat at other times there is 0% chance of conception

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