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Welcome to the World of Xilrin. Xilrin is a persistent fantasy game world environment that uses homebrew Pathfinder and third party content for the mechanics of its game. For those unfamiliar with the term 'persistent', in this context, it means the game itself is not done in sessions like normal pen-and-paper campaign; rather, it is an on-going roleplaying game featuring the occasional scene, event or quest.

Xilrin welcomes you, valued player, to its realm. It is here you can write your story and enchant the verses of your chapter using the world designed for you. Delve into the unknown, adventure throughout the wildernesses and get to socialize with others just like yourself. In this realm you can build dreams, find love, socialize with others like yourself and explore the limits of your creativity.

You will find the information below useful. Consider it the gateway into the land as you create your personal avatar in the world of Xilrin. Take your time, as creativity is best expressed in this fashion. We'll see you on the other side!

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Getting Started - Go here first!

Rules - The rules you should know if you want to play here.

Quest Rules - The questing rules you should know if you want to quest.

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