Still Spell

Benefit: A stilled spell can be cast with no somatic components. Spells without somatic components are not affected.

Level Increase: +1 (a stilled spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.)

DM's note: keep in mind that still spell ignores somatic component not material components if the spell has "M" it means it requires a material component to cast (even if it doesn't cost anything) in the case of some spells a divine focus or focus item is required.

in short it ignores somatic components but if you can't take out the material component you still can't cast the spell. (heavy shield + weapon are a good example)

Arcane Spells and Armor

Armor restricts the complicated gestures required while casting any spell that has a somatic component. The armor and shield descriptions list the arcane spell failure chance for different armors and shields.

If a spell doesn't have a somatic component, an arcane spellcaster can cast it with no of arcane failure chance while wearing armor. Such spells can also be cast even if the caster's hands are bound or he is grappling (although concentration checks still apply normally). The metamagic feat Still Spell allows a spellcaster to prepare or cast a spell without the somatic component at one spell level higher than normal. This also provides a way to cast a spell while wearing armor without risking arcane spell failure.

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