Summon Undead I

School Conjuration (Summoning, Evil) [see text]; Level cleric sorcerer/ wizard 1,
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, F/DF (a knucklebone)
Range close (25 ft. 5ft./2 levels)
Effect one summoned creature
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

This spell summons an undead. It appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability. If you can communicate with the undead, you can direct it to not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions. The spell conjures one of the creatures from the 1st level list on Table: Summon Undead. You can choose a different creature
each time you cast the spell.

Summoned undead are not affected by augmented summoming

A summoned undead cannot summon or otherwise conjure another creature, nor can it use any teleportation or planar travel abilities. Undead cannot be summoned into an environment
that cannot support them. Creatures summoned using this spell cannot use spells or spell-like abilities that duplicate spells with expensive material components (such as animate dead or wish).

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