T Lune
T Lune
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Capital: Thelelsari
Ruler: Arasinya Eleneth
Government: Hereditary monarchy

Weather in North T'lune

Weather in South T'Lune


T'lune may not always have been known as T'lune. It also may not have always had the same borders as it has today, but it has always been the spiritual homeland of the elves. It is unknown exactly how long elves have resided there. Before the last Great Winter, the elves did not measure time in any meaningful way, but only by the great astrological cycles, the ebb and flow of the seasons. Certainly T'lune was inhabited for a very long time before the Great Winter as numerous ruins of monuments, buildings, fountains, orreries, and sculptures still dot the forests. The elves lived in harmony with the land during this period, and the structures they built seem to grow from the landscape itself.

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T'lune's founding is as old as the elves themselves though there are countless ruins, buildings and statues from their primitive eras.The closest thing to tracking down a period of founding is by finding statues and tombs of ancient elven kings and queens, comparing them to new finds and then placing them in the time table. Using this method, researchers so far have managed to go as far back as 10,000 years.


T'lune has never expanded its borders but may have lost some territory thousands of years ago to the Humans as there are human ruins inside of the territories bordering T'lune and Ezlia.


Queen Arasinya Eleneth, the elven monarch, is the ruler of T'lune. Although she is an absolute monarch, Aransinya is a liberal queen who understands that freedom is one of the highest ideals of the elven people. Many of the problems of the land are handled "in house" (factions guilds and so forth) and only then if it cannot be handled will it be brought up to the noble houses of the kingdom.


The exact number of their military is unknown, though its believed that 70% of the elven population have served willingly as volunteers over the years. Light infantry appear to be the main backbone of the elven military followed by support from spell casters. The elven military is known to have some of the best archery units in the known world.even with todays firearms riflemen still fear and know to be cautious with the legendary archery units of t'lune.

Noble houses

The noble houses are part of the ruling body of the elven kingdom and they rule the major cities in the name of the elven queen as they see fit. (Though they follow her policies and very rarely do they go against them). Currently House Eleneth is the ruling monarchy house for the kingdom and has been for over 5 generations.


T'lune is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Carchatani forest due to the large forest the kingdom remains mostly isolated from the rest of Norvallen which also provides a natural territorial border for the kingdom itself. there are numerous fields of Beautiful grass along with lakes rivers and other wonders of nature.


T'lune is composed of almost nothing but elves though there are a few half elves most of them leave due to not being able to fit in or being looked down upon by elven society or they build communes for themselves to live in which is acceptable by the people of T'lune.


T'Lune has various religions that have come from other countries however, Their main dieties are Deidre, Alessa and Cadmus. There are a few communes that worship Alaister.

T'lune is the only nation in the world that has mass temples built to honor Alessa and entire cities built in her name.


The kingdom's symbol is the sun and the moon believing it to be the source of all life within the material plane; however, they also have other lesser symbols which typically involved something regarding nature such as the great oak trees or a very inspirational river.

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