Technological Equipment

See Machina for information regarding that type of technology

Technology is also not cannon it may not exist even if all -realistic logic- may say it does remember is a fantasy game, made up not a extension of the real world if it was we would all be nothing but humans

Magic suffuses the world of Xilrin , and throughout the world it is a driving force for change. Spellcasters can employ it as a means to an end, using energy to create spectacular and miraculous effects that defy the reason of science. Yet science, an art mastered by the tinkers and alchemists, has become a new force for change, a frightening force that is capable of competing even with powerful magic.

Technology is a wonder of a new age; and the craft of creating devices from metal, clockwork and innovation possesses equally powerful capabilities compared to magic. Technology allows everything from spring-heeled boots to automatic lock-picks. All of these miraculous devices rely on principles that anyone, even characters without magical training, can quickly learn to master and even create. It is a renaissance of power, as a normal mortal with a rifle can easily become as big a threat as a slavering berserker.

Technology represents choice, the choice of another path to follow, another way to harness power and craft. Where magic requires a massive investment of energy and time, the rewards of technology are almost immediately accessible.

Magic shapes the world of Xilrin, but it is technology that helps to define it. Spell casters are accompanied into battle by infantry carrying guns, or soldiers using missive stones to remain in communication with their headquarters in the heat of battle.

Body Modifications Prosthetics and other features for the characters body its a mixed bag, some of it is clockwork technology and some is Machina, where others are just as simple as a hooked hand.

Technological Armor: Technological armor works in a similar manner to standard armor, but often requires a power source to fully function.

Technological Weapons: The majority of technological weapons are ranged weapons, although some melee weapons can be found

Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals include drugs, poisons, and medicines. They can be ingested or injected, and generally have relatively minor or temporary effects.

Technological Gear : This catchall category includes a wide range of devices.

Did you know…

The Technologist feat is required in some cases to deal with some technological devices if this interests you, you may want to consider taking the feat early.

Magic Versus Technology

Both technology and magic have advantages. Magic items don’t require power sources, don’t need constant repair, don’t risk malfunction, and usually benefit their users without any investment of time or energy other than some preparation. A few mumbled words, a wave of the hand, and some rare herbs are often enough to create some spectacular effect. Undoubtedly magic is powerful, but it is also an elite and difficult craft to master. Technology, on the other hand, can be mastered by anyone with the mental faculties to comprehend it. Technology most importantly relies on the skills necessary to master it. The most innovative of technologists are those with keen minds and a genius for invention. These are the individuals who can learn the craft of technology to its fullest, finding new methods and means to surpass the technology others have discovered and use it to their advantage.

The use of technology empowers the individual without requiring sacrifice other than the time and materials invested in creating. Devices built by others don’t even need an investment of time other than what is required to learn how to operate them. Still, where magic may be volatile, powerful and corrupting, it is typically reliable. When a piece of technology malfunctions the results can be disastrous.


Until further notice there is no way for players to craft these items.

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