The Commonlands
The Commonlands


This is truly where Aria got it start from. The city sprung up from these rich fertile farming fields. The fields started off small enough but as Aria expanded and grew behind these fields. The farming fields expanded to feed the influx of people coming to Aria. What originally started as a little village of twenty families not expanded to what is know as Aria today. The original village is still there with some of the same families still working the fields. There is a sister village that came into being when the demand for more fields was needed. These two villages run the entire farming fields. Their names were lost over time.


With the River Lyne that runs through some water canals to ensure that each field is getting the water they need to grow their crops. The River Lyne comes from the eastern coast and exits somewhere before the desert. There are two villages that have roughly twenty families each running the entire farming done for the city. The fields are lush and fertile, yielding above average crops through out the year. There is always some activity of farm life going on in the Commonlands, from the crops to the farms that raise the cattle plus other livestock to feed the citizens of Aria.

The River Lyne flows in from The Commonlands through North Point to circle around the Midland and south out of the city and through the Industrial District.

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