Xilrin is a medieval science fantasy game, which uses medieval technology with some non canon devices, magic flows in the world and the terrain is full of creatures that are mythic based or fantasy. However with that being said there are a few things that are different from tabletop.

1. Its not a session game: Most D&D and d20 games revolved around the fact that its a session game you run every couple of days for a few hours. This is not the case here this is a persistent world environment meaning time flows as normal whether events are happening or not this affects quite a large number of things some will be discussed here.

2. Less items are available from shops: Because as mentioned before, it is a persistent game the most powerful of items can't be found in shops and must be acquired through adventures or a campaign. With that said don't pester the DM for a specific item that's annoying.

3. Spells and Abilities: A lot of the instant win/get out of any situation spells and abilities have been removed from gameplay. This is mostly to keep some form of integrity in the game that things are dangerous and to balance out adventures.

4. The world: Even though the world has been greatly fleshed out (See Xilrin), 99% of incidents and problems will always happen in Aleris which is where the main focus of the game is. But with that said there are always adventures to be had, treasure to be found and villains (slain?).

5. Using d20 doesn't make it core pathfinder: This should go without saying, but some people out there believe just because the d20 rules from pathfinder are being used that every class, every item and every race is automatically entitled to be within the game. The reality is, that isn't even something that is done on normal table top.

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