Basic Traits

When you create a new character the option is there for you to choose a Trait for them. You are able to select 2 traits from any trait page. Keep note that traits that give the same type of bonus do not stack. This includes any traits selected from racial traits.

Combat Traits Faith Traits Magic Traits Social Traits
Religion Traits Regional Traits Restricted Traits

Restrictions on Trait Selection

There are a few rules governing trait selection. . When selecting Traits , you may not select more than one from the same list of Traits Certain types of traits may have additional requirements

You may only select <number>

Many traits grant a new type of bonus: a “Trait” bonus. Trait bonuses do not stack—they're intended to give player characters a slight edge, not a secret backdoor way to focus all of a character's Background on one type of bonus and thus gain an unseemly advantage. It's certainly possible, for example, that somewhere down the line, a “Courageous” trait might be on the list of dwarf race Trait, but just because this trait is on both the dwarf race Trait list and the basic combat traits list doesn't mean you're any more brave if you choose both versions than if you choose only one.

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