Unaffiliated Druid

Not all druids follow the Green Faith. Some follow their own distinct traditions. These other traditions are generally isolated, but a few are prolific; Some druids follow their own traditions, revering numerous nature spirits, and many druids on the continents of Amihama and Kyan follow the philosophy of Tamashigo. Others are inspired by encounters with fey, who embody the diverse faces of nature with their strange habits and varied personalities. Fey-inspired druids are often as accepting of the change of death as Green Faith druids, but usually demonstrate a generous, if strange, sense of humor and a social bent that leads them to seek out communities of fey, unicorns, and other beings who live as part of the natural world.

Still others simply find themselves called to communion with the natural world after living closely with it for a time; these loners are often true hermits, avoiding contact with even the most sympathetic humanoids, or local shamans who intercede with the natural world on behalf of rural communities. A few druids even embrace the vibrant energy of cities as their object of veneration, drawing power from and defending the surprisingly vibrant ecosystems to be found in parks, dumps, sewers, and vacant lots. They teach anyone who will listen to them about the natural rhythms of the humanoid throngs and the symbiosis that links each city with the surrounding world.

Unaffiliated druids often serve as shamans to small enclaves of nature worshipers, including barbarians and rangers. Barbarians respect the freedom of unaffiliated druidic traditions, and rangers serving small, isolated communities or ranging across uninhabited wilds often keep in touch with similarly isolated druids in the region for mutual defense and to compare notes.

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