Vada Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Vada)
Environment: Althena
Alignment: Any


Vada look very much like Humans and are almost indistinguishable, with a few exceptions: almost all Vada have blonde hair, green or blue eyes and have a distinguishable accent among them when they speak. Some other hair and eye colors have been noted from time to time. Some Vada have dim glowing eyes that tend to match the color of their eye coloring.


From what ancient records say, the ancient Vada where ancient Humans known as cavemen that somehow survived the deadly energies of Arcanium and instead of tool development and the discovery of fire being the culture changing events in their life it was, in fact, the control and learning of magic. One would think that such primal people with the ability to control and use magic would have stirred a great chaos along the land. But, instead, their sense of reason also developed at a much higher rate shedding most of the violence most primitive cultures have developing at a much faster rate. This does not mean that Vada did not have wars among themselves. There are records of countless civil wars and skirmishes in ancient times which could account for the Vada having magic, magitech devices and magitech technology in their cities and culture.

The Vada culture is believed to have existed thousands of years before even ancient Maj'Dul had a civilization. The Vada live in a peninsula that, in days of old, had toxic levels of Arcanium radiation and no creature would ever step in it, believing that place to be an area of death and decay. Races would die within hours of setting foot in the lands. To further the isolation of the Vada race, they where not able to leave this area of highly concentrated Arcanium radiation without suffering the effects of inland drowning. However, as thousands of years passed the radiation levels became dimmer and dimmer, the Vada slowly adapted to lower levels of concentration. They eventually began to explore outside of peninsula and made first contact with the elves of T'lune in the year 5,056.


Vada society tends to be lawful and revolves around the study of arcane finding ways to better their life.They also have a very unique style of government not found anywhere else called a magrocracy in which arch-mages are selected to be the leaders of senate , dealing with the politics of everyday life.Vada do not believe nor disbelief in the presence of gods.being the only known society to lack the "spiritual drive" that most cultures have, they are a race of logic, and science.However this does not mean that they totally shun the possibility of gods existing and some even believe that they do exist but do not feel obligated to them.


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