CR: +2
Type: Undead (Augmented)
Environment: Any
Alignment: LE, NE, CE

The legendary hunger of vampires stretches across endless years and countless tales. From the base, bestial nature of the Nosferatu, to the delicate, perfumed cravings of the Vetalas, vampires are creatures of unbound desire and subjects of endless fascination for mortals. Their very nature drips with our desires-to be like them, to be with them, to destroy the parts of us that they represent. We fear not only the physical harm they can inflict, but also that we may not be able to resist their tempting gifts. After all, the promise of the vampire is not death, but an eternity of wicked decadence and powerful sensuality.


Birth Of the Undead

Whereas the transformation to other kinds of undead often robs the subject of its humanity, vampirism instead heightens the subject's state of being into a force of personality unequaled. Since transformation leaves mortal knowledge largely intact, some consider vampirism an alternative to lichdom. What they fail to anticipate is the true horror of conversion. Even the gentlest turning is more harrowing than death. In death, the horror of passing is forgotten, but a vampire lives on with the agonizing memory of its very life force being drained, of awakening to the torment of stagnant blood and useless organs.

Types of Vampires

Jiang-shi These vampires are created when a creature is buried without the proper ritual and has an unfulfilled grudge or wish.

Moroi This is the most common vampire and what a majority of people think of by default when a vampire is mentioned. They are created by other Moroi, serving as slaves until released or upon the death of their master.

Nosferatu These ancient vampires can no longer reproduce and are on the slide to extinction. Some obscure and dangerous rituals can create Nosferatu.

Vetala Evil children buried improperly in unholy land sometimes rise as Vetala.


Dhampirs are almost without exception the progeny of a male vampire and a mortal woman. There are three Dhampir "heritages", depending upon the type of vampire spawning the half-breed.

Jiang-Shi-born or Ru-Shi
Moroi-born or Svetocher
Vetala-born or Ajibachana

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