William Shaw III
William Shaw III
Titles: William the Steady
Date Of birth: 12,011
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
House: House Shaw
Race: Alerian
Class: Fighter
Homeland: Upper Grasslands, Aranthi
Diety: Atheism


King William was born to former Queen Melissa and former King William II. Being the youngest of all of two brothers, he had more freedoms than his older brother, and he ventured into the world adventuring and participating in the occasional skirmish that may have happened in the territory of Aleris and its borders. The extent of his travels were not fully documented, and it's suspected that he traveled beyond Ezlia as far as Amihama itself and to the elven lands of T'Lune.

He traveled the world for 10 years and then had to return home when his brother died in a hunting accident. He was then told to come home due to being the only male heir to the throne.

When his father started to become feeble in body at age 60, he felt that it was time for his son to become king, and in the year 12,041, King William the III was officially made king of Aleris.


William is a strong and highly charismatic leader, capable of commanding attention and radiating determination and conviction to those serving under him. Though most often appearing emotionless, he is deeply passionate about his friends and countrymen. His loyalty is first and foremost to the people of Aleris, and he will fight with the full extent of his considerable skills in battle for the protection of his country and his people. Due to having been the youngest of three brothers, and was given freedoms when he was younger, William is a down-to-earth king with the wisdom and knowledge that one would earn when living outside the safety of castle walls and experiencing the cold cruel world for ones self. It is this knowledge that makes him a compassionate and reasonable leader among his people; yet, he is not to be taken for a fool.


William has white hair that has come with age. He wears it long and has a long white beard. He is tall and still has a build fit for hunting. While he tends to wear more fitted clothing tailored to his build. He also tends to wear the finer types of cloth. He has a dark and serious look to his features, but he is still quite handsome and has a that brooding air to him. He on occasion wears armor that is shiny as it is tough. He only wears it on special events or in times of unrest.

Politics and Beliefs

William's political views is to have amiable trading relationships with the rest of the world, but, specifically, with the neighboring human countries within Ezlia. He often sends expeditions to the eastern continents to bring back riches and any other discoveries that may be brought back to the kingdom of Aleris.

King William does not worship a specific god; however, he treats all the gods of the Pantheon with respect and encourages everyone to do the same even if they don't worship a particular deity. He has no tolerance for religions of the Outlawed category, and he thinks of them as being nothing more than a way for people to cause chaos with reason. He is known to hold public executions when these followers commit heinous acts as a show of force.

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