Woren Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Woren)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any


Woren resemble a cross between a large predatory cat and a human, with a sleekly muscled humanoid body and the head and mane of a feline. Most male Woren wear their thick hair in braids, while females keep theirs short and sleek. The most common Woren have feline characteristics reminiscent of lions, including thick manes for the males. Other groups have the characteristic markings and appearance of leopards, tigers, or cheetahs, lions and so forth. Many Woren favor the use of charms and totems that they braid into their hair for luck in battle, success on the hunt, and good fortune in other such endeavors. The Woren clan also has various subtypes within them called tribes. They are the Tiger, Lion, Panther, Cheetah, Leopard.

Note: No hyenas and no domestic cat breeds. The tribes mentioned are the only ones that exist.


The great tribes of the Woren roam where they will, putting passion into every day of their varied lives. Woren nomads roam the grassy plains, living in tribes segregated by their visual differences. Woren tribes range from friendly to hostile; encounters with Woren depend more on an individual Woren's mood and the circumstance more than any tribal mind-set. Quick in movement and thought, the Woren rely on short bursts of energy to accomplish nearly every task, making the other races seem plodding and dedicated in comparison.

Role in Other clans

Woren are the best hunters out of all the clans and tend to have the most hunted bounty out of all of them, which they will gladly trade for equal goods. They are naturally stealthy and serve as scouting units for the other clans in times of war.

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